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Fire Damage Testimonials

Thank you all again for your care, consideration, and professionalism during this hard time. It has been a true pleasure doing business with you. All the best to you all!

A-1 service. Never experienced a fire in my life before, talking about scary. I didn't know how to feel,  my body & my mind was numb. Talking with this team made my horrifying experience seem not so bad. They was always available & super nice & genuinely concerned.  Rick you're awesome. Thank you & God bless you & your team!

Allstate told me about SERVPRO. I had goofed and allowed a plastic bag to be too close to a light bulb and the next thing I knew was the smell of smoke. I found the source, and removed the light and the smelly plastic. What remained was the smoke smell. What to do?  I sensed an ammonia solution would help - Bought a large amount at Safeway and the package recommended adding vinegar and baking soda. I wiped the walls with this combination for a couple of days but knew I had to do more. So, Allstate Insurance recommended SERVPRO. Their Production Manager, Tom Osmer, arrived promptly.  When he walked in I knew I would get good advice. He exudes knowledge of this kind situation.  The long and short of it, he felt I didn't need the services of SERVPRO.  I was well on my way to solving this challenge. He said keep doing what I was doing, and get a fan - he suggested Target (I bought one) and open more windows. Now, three days later the smell has diminished dramatically.  I was really grateful to have the advice of SERVPRO.  They know what they are doing in this field and even though there was no contract, Tom Osmer, gave the time to get me to the next level of solution.  Thanks Tom

Thank you all again for your care, consideration and professionalism. It has been a true pleasure doing business with you.

All the best to you all!

Everyone in the office and all the team members on site were professional, courteous and hard working. They made this disaster easier to deal with.

I had no problems whatsoever during entire process of pick up through pack back. Can't say enough to show how grateful I am for all your team's consideration of my needs through this journey. Thank You!