Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Camp Fire Wild Fire Aftermath

We here at SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/Southeast Vallejo are doing our part to help those who still have a home after the dreadful Camp Fire Wild Fire. We have been going out there week after week providing estimates and starting clean ups to help restore homes in need. Our estimator captured this photo here of a car in the neighborhood burned down to nothing. Sadly, this is only a glimpse of the damage done..

Wildfire Aftermath pt.2

After the fire was finally contained, the home owners returned to their home. A lot was covered in soot and the entire home wreaked of smoke from the wildfire. SERVPRO to the rescue! Here is another photo of our crew members going to great lengths, literally, to make sure that we clean every inch of this home. We wanted to make sure they came home and felt "Like it never even happened"

Wildfire Aftermath

This is a photo of our cleaning crew hard at work. The home owners of this house were evacuated because their house was at risk of burning into flames. The owners did not have a chance to seal everything up so smoke and soot filled the home while they were gone.

Fire Damage

This is another photo of a home that was affected by one of the most recent wild fire we have had; Mendocino Fire. A mixture of smoke and soot caused this affect on the skylight. We were able to get it clean and looking good as new again... "Like it never even happened."

The Calm After the Storm

This is an after photo from the Carr Wild Fire that we recently had in California as most of you can remember.Red fire retardant was left behind on so many homes, trees, plants, etc. Notice in this photo, the plants, trees, and ground are covered in retardant. Luckily, fire retardant is plant friendly so it did no harm to our mother nature.

Welcome Home

Being displaced from your home can be devastating. SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/Southeast Vallejo wants to make the return to your home a little cheerier. A new pot with fresh plants make it a warm welcome home.