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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Homeless Encampment in Vallejo, CA

This is a homeless encampment we were hired to clean up in Vallejo, CA. You can not see all that we had to clean up as this is only a small portion of what we h... READ MORE

School Clean Up

SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/Southeast Vallejo was called in to do a post construction clean up at one of the local elementary schools. There were many upgrades ... READ MORE

Vandalized RV

When vandals broke into and made a mess of this customers recreational trailer, they called SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/Southeast Vallejo to help with the clean... READ MORE

Pet Stained Carpet

When this customers pet had an accident in their hallway, they called us here at SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/Southeast Vallejo for the clean up. We have product... READ MORE

Securing Your Property

SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/Southeast Vallejo was called back out to further secure this house after vandals threw rocks through the windows. Although all compr... READ MORE

Finished basement flood.

This finished basement was affected by a clean water loss. In this case we were able to use "In place" drying where the carpet and pad are extracted simultane... READ MORE

Sewage Overflow

This commercial property had a toilet backup which caused sewage to overflow into the hallway. We understand time is of the essence in emergency situations. Th... READ MORE

Sludge Removal in storage tank.

This property had a back up which resulted in their underground tank to fill with sludge. They called SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/Southeast Vallejo in to remove... READ MORE

Fire at Storage Unit

After a fire damaged units at a storage facility, SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/Southeast Vallejo was called in to help with the clean up. This unit contained fir... READ MORE

Mold found inside wall.

Mold was found in this commercial building following a water loss. Molds are able to grow without sunlight; mold only needs a viable spore, a nutrient source, m... READ MORE

Deck Cleaning

After a storm event your property may need a good cleaning. SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/Southeast Vallejo offers exterior property cleaning for your residentia... READ MORE

Insulation Removal in Attic

It is important after a fire to inspect the insulation in the attic. Smoke and ash will penetrate throughout the home including the attic. This Martinez home ha... READ MORE

Driveway Cleaning after Fire

Your yard also suffers the aftermath of a fire. We don’t focus on just the structure, the outside of your home could also have broken glass, sharp objects... READ MORE

Aftermath of Candle Fire

Never extinguish candles with water. The water can cause the hot wax to splatter and might cause a glass container to break. This bathroom was lucky to have onl... READ MORE

Birds in Wall Cavity

During the course of a water loss in this commercial building it was discovered that there had been birds nesting in the void between the walls. Although this i... READ MORE

Exterior Clean Up

This home was close enough to a wildfire that when aircraft dropped fire retardant in an effort to fight the fire the home was covered in the red substance. Gen... READ MORE

Board Up

This business had their front door broken by vandals. Vandalism, fire damage, general repairs and severe weather are some reasons you may need to have windows a... READ MORE

Flooded Office

It is unfortunate that all floors and carpets throughout this entire building were badly flooded at this business. As you can see, carpets were soaked. Fortunat... READ MORE

Flooded Hospital

Due to a leak in the roof , a local hospital was completely flooded from the entrance way to the bathrooms. The after photo was taken only 3 days after the befo... READ MORE

Flooded Crawlsapce

It’s never a good thing to discover standing water in your crawlspace. Water can enter a crawl space in a variety of ways, though there are some common ca... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

Mold can be a huge problem for any home owner. If you ever discover mold in your home, do not let it take over. Give SERVPRO Benicia/Martinez/SE Vallejo a call ... READ MORE

Water damaged bathroom

After a flood, pipe burst or any other event that causes water damage in your home or business it is extremely important to dry out the walls as quickly as poss... READ MORE

Another Satisfied Customer

This 3 story home suffered water loss due to a toilet overflow. The overflow caused water damage in 6 rooms! First thing is first, as soon as the home owners di... READ MORE

Santa Rosa Fire

As many of us remember, one of last year's very tragic wild fires was in the Santa Rosa area. In the before photo, you see a sky view of a nice residential area... READ MORE

Mold In your Home

Mold in your home can be very toxic. When exposed to mold ,there are signs and symptoms like sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, cough or nasal drip, itchy eyes nos... READ MORE

Mold behind Utility Sink

Mold was discovered after removing a utility sink that had been leaking. Affected materials were removed and disposed of. An anti-microbial solution was applied... READ MORE

Napa Wildfire Aftermath

The Napa Fires that most of you may remember , was a big one. The fire burned so much land, businesses, and homes. Some structures survived with just little to ... READ MORE

Smoke Sealing

When a fire occurs, whatever does not burn is left with smoke and soot damage. For example, in the before photo, the front porch of this home survived the flame... READ MORE

Putting out the Wildfire

When putting out a wildfire, one thing fireman most commonly use is fire retardant. This is a substance that is used to help slow down or stop the wildfire from... READ MORE

Home Office in Martinez , CA

Martinez suffered great water loss after a heavy rain storm last Winter. This rain storm caused flooding on the streets and unfortunately, some homes and busine... READ MORE

Cleaned Cabinets

After the fire in this home, the home owner did not want to part with her cabinets in the kitchen. In the before photo you can see that the smoke and soot from ... READ MORE

Mold Containment

It is important to contain mold as soon as it is discovered. Containing mold, helps stop the mold spores from spreading more on the surface it is discovered on ... READ MORE

Just a "Little" Leak

This home had a downstairs unit that was flooded due to a leak coming from the upstairs unit. The leak caused the entire downstairs unit to flood. The upstairs ... READ MORE

Low and Behold..There was Mold

We came into this home to do some water restoration services for the home owners. Standard procedure for water restoration is to tear out the baseboard. It is i... READ MORE

Homes left in Need

After the wildfires we have had these past years, it's left many homes that survived in need. Some needed to be cleaned outside only due to fire retardant sprea... READ MORE

Another Leak

There was a leak coming from the ceiling of this classroom. Luckily, they caught it before any major damage occurred. As you can see in the before photo, there ... READ MORE

We are There When you Need us

We all wish that we could handle each and every thing that comes our way. But the reality is, sometimes it's too much of a "mess" to handle on your own. In this... READ MORE

24-Hour Emergency Service

It was a calm Sunday afternoon when out of nowhere a car drove into this elderly customer's living room. Luckily, no one was hurt but the customers needed their... READ MORE

We put the PRO in SERVPRO

When you have an unexpected flood with standing water throughout the floor, it can be very tricky to get that water out of there, especially carpet floor. First... READ MORE

Here to help our Neighbors

When it comes to our local neighbors, we here at SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/Southeast Vallejo want to make sure they are well taken care of whether it is their... READ MORE

Here to Help Each and Every One of You

During the rainy season, the inside of this home suffered water damage due to a leak coming from the roof. The roof needed to be repaired in order to stop the l... READ MORE

We Are There For The Unexpected

An unexpected sewage leak overflowed in this backyard leaving a trail of smelly sewage muck all along the walkway. The tenants didn’t know how to get that... READ MORE